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This page is the home page for the University of Arkansas Libraries’ University Archives. The Archives contains historical collections containing information about the history of the University of Arkansas Fayetteville campus, this includes student activities, teaching and research at the university.

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  • Affirmative Action at the University of Arkansas: Sonia Toudji
  • Black in Prospective, 1975-1976: University of Arkansas
  • Black Student Unrest at the University of Arkansas: A case study: Moore, Mordean Taylor
  • Demonstrating Good Practices: A Brief Historical Profile of the University Training School and its Predecessors: Christopher J. Lucas
  • Edge of Campus: A Journal of the Black Experience at the University of Arkansas: Gordon D. Morgan
  • First 100 Years: Centennial History of the University of Arkansas: Robert Allen Leflar
  • History of the University of Arkansas: John Hugh Reynolds and David Yancy Thomas
  • Image and Reflection: A Pictorial History of the University of Arkansas: Ethel Simpson
  • Remembrances in Black: Personal Perspectives of the African American Experience at the University of Arkansas, 1940s-2000s: Charles Robinson II and Lonnie R. Williams (eds.)
  • Silas Hunt, the Growth of a Hero: Bennie W. Goodwin
  • Some Illustrious Educators of Old Main: Commission Sub-Committee of the Old Main Rededication Committee
  • Student Customs in the University of Arkansas: Jeanne Porter Wylie
  • University of Arkansas, 1871-1948: Harrison Hale
  • Admission of Blacks to the University of Arkansas : a statement by Herbert L. Thomas, Sr., chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time the action was taken: Herbert L. Thomas
  • Agreement of merger and plan of transition, made and entered into this 17th day of August, 1967, by and between the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas and the Board of Trustees of Little Rock University: Board of Trustees
  • Constitution of the University of Arkansas : governing all divisions located at Fayetteville / prescribed by the Board of Trustees: Board of Trustees
  • Index to Minutes of Board of Trustee Meetings, 1928 to Date: University of Arkansas (System) Board of Trustees
  • Regulations for the Arkansas Industrial University : approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees : November 25th, 1884: Board of Trustees
  • Regulations of the Arkansas Industrial University : adopted by the Board of Trustees June 14th, 1886: Board of Trustees
  • Regulations of the Arkansas Industrial University : by the authority of the Board of Trustees December, 1891: Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas and Little Rock University have approved an agreement providing for the merger of the two institutions: Board of Trustees
  • History of the Bumpers College: Evolution of Education in the Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences in Arkansas: Gary Zellar and Nancy Wyatt
  • How systems work : proceedings of Farming Systems Research Symposium 1987: Farming Systems Research Symposium
  • History of Entomology in Arkansas: Charles and Lloyd Lincoln
  • Century of Research: Centennial History of the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station: Stephen F. Strausberg
  • Arkansas dairy manure and milk center wash water management: VanDevender, Karl
  • Arkansas Forest Products Industries Directories: Agricultural Extension Service
  • Basis information on Arkansas wheat 1977-1984: Jordan, Edward J.
  • Beef cow-calf production budgets for Arkansas, 1996 : estimated costs and returns at specified situations: M.D. Pardue, M.P. Popp, C.R. Garner, T.E. Windham
  • Guide for Arkansas agricultural extension service workers, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture and Home Economics and United States Department of Agriculture, cooperating. : Revised by Kenneth S. Bates, assistant director, July 1955: Agricultural Extension Service
  • Nutrient requirements of beef cattle: Davis, George V.
  • Rice production handbook: Rice Production Handbook Committee
  • Soybean Production Handbook: Ruel P. Nester
  • Swine production in Arkansas: Gibson, James O
  • The farmer's account book : cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, state of Arkansas / College of Agriculture, University of Arkansas and U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating: College of Agriculture
  • University of Arkansas Art Department: Legend and History: Nan Lawler
  • Christmas communique from the basement of Old Main: excerpts from letters written by former U. of A. journalism students while they were serving their country in the armed forces / compiled by W.J. Lemke Walter Lempke View Full Record
  • Fifteen Years in the Basement of Old Main: W.J. Lempke
  • Physics at Arkansas: A History of Physics at the University of Arkansas 1872-1995: Paul Sharrah
  • College of Education and Health Professions University of Arkansas: Yesterday and Today: Christopher J. Lucas
  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville College of Engineering 1888-1988 Alumni Directory: College of Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas: A Centennial History 1902-2002: Michael S. Martin
  • Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas: William Jordan Patty

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